summer feet feat astrodomina (hd ) hd

HD 1920 x 1080p-----It-s that time of the year to break out the sandals and tease my little foot boys extra hard!-Well hello slave, aren-t you excited that the weather is getting warmer so Sydney-s actually wearing her summer sandles. Don-t you just love how they show of her perfect asian feet? She dangles them right in your face. Of course, she makes sure you-re still wearing your little cock cage. She-s more than happy to use her powerful feet against you, there-s nothing she loves more than using your pathetic fetishes against you. She know-s just how much of a dirty foot slut you are and how much control her toes and soles have over you.-She orders you to kneel down in front of you. She just wants to wave her sexy feet in your face, while you sit there and drool in your chasisty device. How does it feel now slave? Is it getting tigher? hahaha! Aren-t you ready for summer bitch? When all the sandals, flip flops and slippers come out? Come on and get up really close to Sydney-s Goddess soles. She loves making you suffer for her feet, watching you squirm and wriggle around, unable to even touch your loser cock!-She even grinds her feet into the ground, just to get her feet extra dirty so she can make you clean it off. You know this is what you deserve, this is ALL you deserve, little foot slave. Get to cleaning!! Enjoy your first good show of the season because this is going to be a looooong summer of being teased under your asian Goddess-s feet!------------------------------------------------------------------------------

published29th, Apr '20
updated 2nd, May '20
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