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my little fart pig (hd ) hd domina-planet

Fart Queen Mistress Aleesha is relaxing after dinner on the sofa with Her slave dutifully resting on the floor at Her feet. Her stomach is gurgling though - something didn-t agree with Her - and She feels as if She-s getting gas. She needs to fart, and then remembers that She has a slave there to inhale the smell so as to not upset Her delicate nostrils after having just finished dinner.--She grabs the slave-s leash and tells him:--You-re gonna inhale ALL of it!--She straddles the slave-s head, sitting on his eyes so that his nose is right in line with Her asshole. He starts begging Her not to do it but, She immediately pulls his leash hard, forcing his head into Her big ass and blasts him directly in the nose holes of his mask with a wet sounding fart. He screams but She forces Her ass down onto his face, trapping his nose in the stink.--The next one comes and he had his mouth open this time.- He is gagging and choking on the smell and taste as She grinds Her ass down onto his face, ensuring that he cannot escape the rank, eggy odor. She just laughs and shakes Her ass, grinding it further into his face and taunting him:--You-re just a receptacle for my bodily wastes- as She rises up just a little and blasts him in the nose again with a long, more airy fart. She smashes Her ass down onto his face and pulls the chain hard, so that he-s forced farther into Her smelly, farting ass. She blasts him with fart after fart, smothering him longer each time and telling him:--Breath it in! In and out, in and out. Now thank Me for the privilege of smelling my farts, pig--She makes him thank Her for it as She climbs off of his face (for now).

published9th, Oct '19
updated 11th, Oct '19
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